Saturday 31 December 2016

Shiny and New

The start of a new year, for many, marks the perfect time for new beginnings.

I'm not particularly philosophical about New Year Day, but I can't deny it is a neat and easy to remember day to start a new project!

So, yes, I do already have a blog (you may already know me from Adventures in Tea and Cake, you may not - either way hello and thanks for reading!), but it's got a bit old and tatty. Like a well loved handbag.

I know that handbags can be emptied out, cleaned up and used as new. But sometimes its just more fun to get a new one!

There's not going to be a whole lot of difference between this one and any of the other blogs I've given my attention to over the years. I plan to make this the space for my days out and travels - I'm unfortunately not the international jet-setter I'd like to be, but I do my best to potter round Yorkshire as much as possible, and further afield when the opportunity comes along.

Hopefully I'll get up to lots of interesting things in 2017 so I have some stuff to post about!


  1. Hello new blog! What an excellent photo you have in this post!

  2. Love everything about this already. Go you xxx

  3. Yay! Happy New Blog to you! look forward to your future adventures! X

  4. Happy new blog adventure, the blog is far better than a handbag

  5. Love the look of your new blog and a photo of the beach is always good. Look forward to lots of shiny new posts
    Kate xx

    1. Thank you ! Hopefully there'll be lots of beach picture opportunities this year! x


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