Sunday 1 January 2017

January Plans

January is the worst month - all the dark and cold of December but without a Christmas to look forward to! Not to mention everyone is skint, there's overwhelming pressure to stop eating chocolate for breakfast (totally acceptable in December!), and worst of all, I have to go back to work after some lovely time off! The longer you are off, the more it hurts to get back to it! .

At times like this, it's nice to have something to look forward to. I know it's only early days, but I hoping each month will have a couple of exciting things happening. Gotta make all that working worthwhile!

The plan so far is to kick start January with a nice walk in Haworth. I love Haworth, and I've signed up to Walk 1000 Miles in 2017 so it should hopefully give me a nice pretty start to a year featuring a lot of walking! 

KC (that's t'other half) found himself the proud adopter of a handsome reindeer for Christmas this year, so hopefully we'll be going to visit Sven at the Mayfield Alpacas Animal Farm later this month too. 

Then, the last weekend of the month we have  a little weekend away booked which I'm really looking forward to. We're of to Butterknowle with the in-laws to stay in this cute cottage. This was supposed to be a pre-Christmas break - initially booked for the start of December for a couple of peaceful days before all the festive madness got a bit too much to take. You know what they say about 'the best laid plans...' though, and things didn't work out exactly as we'd hoped! Thankfully we managed to swap weekends, and I'm sure this will work out just as nicely! 

Have you got anything exciting lined up to brighten up your January? 


  1. I hope the first week back at work goes nice and quickly for you and isn't too tough - always difficult going back after having the Christmas break, I find. Walking in Haworth sounds lovely, I need to make sure I get out more this year, I've really been slacking throughout 2016 on exercise so I want to be more active this year. What a lovely Christmas present to get too, a reindeer adoption, I love it - can't wait to see what you get up to if you do manage to get down to the farm to see them. Your weekend away sounds lovely too, here's hoping it comes around quickly for you! Love the new blog too. - Tasha

    1. I've nearly completed the first week and it hasn't been *too* bad!
      I'm not really big on exercise either, but the good thing about nice country walks is they are usually finished with dinner in a nice country pub, or cake in a nice country tea room! :D

  2. It might not have been the plan but a little post Christmas break sounds absolutely ideal, especially in a cute cottage! I've never been to Haworth either but it looks very like Dartmoor, one of my favourite places to walk in all the world. Gorgeous!
    M x

    1. I'm very lucky that it's so close! I've never been to Dartmoor either, but have heard its wonderful - I'll have to try to visit! x


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