Saturday 1 April 2017

March Happenings, April Plans

Ah, the end of another month! And golly, it’s been a long one!

I don’t want to be one of those bores who just complains about work all the time, so I promise to not spend next month’s round up going on about how busy I’ve been – but March was tough and I’m glad it’s over!

It wasn’t all doom and gloom though! I think the improving weather always helps – everything seems so much brighter, the pretty flowers are out, it’s all good! Plus we had a couple of nice events and stuff.

Last night, to finish the month off nicely, I had a great night out with one of my very favourite people. My lovely brother got us both tickets to the ballet for my birthday, so last night we headed out to Bradford’s Alhambra Theatre to see Matthew Bourne’s The Red Shoes. The performance was just wonderful, an innovative and beautiful interpretation of one of our favourite films We followed this up with some slightly less graceful dancing of our own! 

We also had a lovely lil weekend in Cumbria. The Mr was booked in to go be a 'zookeeper for the day' so while he was feeding penguins and petting kangaroos, I took myself off for a visit to Muncaster Castle, and swung by Furness Abbey too.  It wasn't the greatest weather for a weekend of outdoor activities, but it was a lovely time and ice to be away. We also went to see the highly anticipated Beauty and the Beast while we were in Barrow In Furness, and it was everything I hoped it would be!

We had a nice family day out in York, which involved a very chocolatey afternoon tea, but mainly taking pictures of the friendly squirrels in York's lovely museum gardens!

Oh, and I'd mentioned previously that the kids and I had a karate tournament coming up at the start of March. It was great fun, and I ended up with silver medals in both my events. Harry did a great job and came home with a bronze and silver, and Emily didn't medal but she had by far the biggest category of us all and did such a great job - I was very proud!

April sees the start of some intense and much needed spring-cleaning (which I am of course avoiding now by writing this, but will crack back on real soon!) . . . not my favourite way to spend a weekend, but I'm sure I'll feel better once I'm de-cluttered a bit! And I did promise the kids that if they got their rooms organised we could go to the cinema, so I forsee Power Rangers in my near future!

I'd hoped to get plenty of blogging done but I seem to have left myself without internet at home for a couple of weeks - oops! Still, I think not having the distractions of easy internet access might actually work in my favour, so if I can organise pictures and write some stuff up offline and posting from work I stand half a chance of getting caught up!

Otherwise, we don't really have lots of separate stuff booked for April, but rather one biggie - the Easter holidays are coming up and we are off to Malta for a week! I honestly can't wait for a week OFF, and hopefully should be a relaxing but fun-filled holiday!

What are you up to in April?


  1. Love those daffodils and the photo of those friendly squirrels too! April is another busy month for me too, and I'm avoiding spring cleaning as well, haha, but I really need to get it done. The zookeeper for a day experience sounded amazing too, what a cool birthday present! Also, your holiday to Malta sounds amazing, hope you have a wonderful time! - Tasha

    1. I didn't exactly get finished cleaning, but I made a start and that counts! :D
      The zookeeper for the day went down a treat, I'm looking at booking the kdis version for my daughters birthday later in the year too!

  2. Just wanted to come back across and say thank you for all of the lovely comments as of late! - Tasha

  3. It looks like you managed to visit some lovely places, despite work. I hope you have a wonderful time in Malta! :)

    1. It was a pretty exhausting month, I wont lie - but Im glad we manaeged to fit some fun stuff in! :D

  4. The squirrel is so cute and friendly, how cute. Congratulations for the results in the karate tournament.

    Have fun in Malta. xx


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