Thursday 15 June 2017

Postcards From Malta

Here's the last few bits and pieces from out holiday to Malta!

Huge great big wibbly wobbly cactus. There are some weird plants in the world for sure.

These gorgeous little lizards were everywhere, hiding in the bushes all along the road by the hotel.

We took a hot, uphill walk to St Agatha's Tower to discover that it was closed just three days out of the year - Christmas Day, New Years Day, and the day we went - oops! Still, nice views from up there!

KC is boat mad, he was very jealous of some of the colourful vessels found along the bay!

It's not immediately obvious from the picture, but this is the BIGGEST ice cream!


I loved all the gorgeous little pretend houses at the Popeye Village, but if I had to live in one it'd be this nautical dream!

The kids found this secret mini prison on their adventures.

I did have visions of one of the little dudes falling in - some of those ledges were pretty narrow - but we all managed to stay nice and dry!

KC embarked upon a vegan diet about a month before we set off on this holiday, and I did feel bad for him and his diet of chips and grated carrot in the hotel buffet - so it was a nice treat when we happened upon a menu of beautiful smoothies and refreshing sorbet on our day in Mdina.

We booked a boat trip to some of the nearby islands, only to turn up 20 minutes before the appointed time to be told they'd changed the departure and it had gone an hour earlier! After hanging round for a little while they found another boat they could send us on to meet the big one....

... only for the second boat to break down ten minutes after setting off. Still, a full refund meant we essentially got a free boat trip and we've got a good excuse to go back and finish that trip one day!

All in all a lovely family week away in the sunshine! I managed to keep the kids from getting sunburnt too - - just wish I could say the same for myself!


  1. Stunning photos here Kel, I love the one of you with the giant ice cream! My favourite ones are the cacti and the lizard though. I love the shapes and textures on cacti and the lizard is just an added bonus, what a lovely spot! - Tasha

    1. There were so many of them! It literally look us about 2 hours to take a 30 minute walk as we were peering in all the bushes for them - so cute!

  2. Ice cream, lizard and those cute cacti, so many lovely things on your trip. I really like the photos. x

  3. I cant believe the boat of they left an hoir early. But at least you got your money back.
    Beautiful pictutes xx

    1. haha I know, it could only happen to me I swear! Though the kids think it's ace that we got a free boat trip so its all good!

  4. Your photos are beautiful! I'm from Malta so I always love to see posts like this one. Glad to hear that you enjoyed your stay! :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

    1. Oh that's awesome! It's a beautiful country! x

  5. Really lovely pictures! :)
    The shot of the lizard is stunning. x

    1. Thank you! There were some really bright colourful ones but they didn't pose as well for us!


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