Sunday, 30 July 2017

A Magical Afternoon Tea With Polly's Travelling Tea Party

You know how when you scroll through Facebook you end up seeing loads of adverts, statuses, pictures and all sorts from pages you've never heard of, and you have no idea why you are seeing them? 

Well every now and then, seeing something unexpected is actually totally welcome and helpful.

One such occasion came about recently when a casual scroll revealed an upcoming Harry Potter themed afternoon tea in Huddersfield. Obviously I wasted no time in booking a couple of tickets for this magical event, and Simone and I took a trip last month to gorge ourselves on pumpkin pasties and chocolate frogs!

The event was organised by Polly's Travelling Tea Party - specialists in adorable and delicious pop up afternoon teas, and took place in a fantasically decorated and cosy little venue right on Huddersfield's high street.

Oh wait, I'm getting ahead of myself here! The excitement started well before we turned up on the afternoon,.. in fact about two weeks beforehand when my invitation turned up in a big cream envelope with a Hogwarts seal! I have never been more excited to get mail (mainly because I hadn't expected the tickets, and thought it was my real Hogwarts letter turning up, albeit 25 years late) and it didn't lessen much when I opened it - very carefully - to discover a pair of 'Hogwarts Express' allowing entrance to the event! 

Arriving to see the room just added an extra layer of joy and we quickly took out seats to admire the surroundings and eye up the food over a pot of tea. 

Accompanying the finger sandwiches on the savoury plate were genuine handmade Pumpkin Pasties! I was thrilled to see them despite never thinking the idea overly appetising. Polly, bless her, had clearly put a lot of work into perfecting this recipe, adding butternut squash and spices to make the whole thing a tad more palatable, but it was never going to be my favourite.

That always comes with the sweet sections! Here we were presented with a mini Butterbeer Mousse, an edible Golden Snitch, a Chocolate Frog, Liquorice Wand and Hogwarts Cupcake, as well as a bag of 'Every Flavour' Jellybeans! 

The Butterbeer Mousse was a definite high point (ok, it many have been a little tricky to get out of the glasses as they were too tidgy to get a spoon into, but too cute and delicious for that to be a problem, and it just gave you the chance to get a little 'creative'!) 

All this plus unlimited tea for £12! 

It probably is worth pointing out that, as a popular event in a small venue, it was a bit short on space and tables were shared - no problem here, but I know being in such close quarters with strangers isn't for everyone. If it helps, you could tell yourself that it's just like sitting on one of the big long tables in the Hogwarts great hall? Plus I think everyone in the room was united by their Potter love - solidarity in nerdism! 

If you want to see any of the upcoming Polly's Travelling Tea Party events pop up on your facebook timeline, its probably worth giving them a follow, or keeping an eye on their instagram


  1. This looks like fun, chocolate frogs :)) I'm watching the Harry Potter movies these days (one each day) and I would love to go to an afternoon tea like this one. :)

  2. What an amazing afternoon this was. Thanks SO MUCH for inviting me along - not only was it amazing to see you and have a catch up, but the afternoon of Potter-ness was brilliant too xxx

  3. This is an absolutely amazing Harry Potter themed afternoon tea especially the cupcakes they look amazing x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

  4. Oh I absolutely love this, how cute! I really like it when people go for themed events and parties and this kind of theme is just my kind of thing. Loved the photos you got, and the little potion bottles and cupcakes look so cool. Lovely! - Tasha

  5. Ha, Harry Potter is everywhere! Love it when an afternoon tea has a theme to make it extra special. Are the glass bottles all different teas? x

  6. THIS SOUNDS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness, I would totally geek out over this!!! What a genius idea!!x


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