Sunday, 2 July 2017

June Happenings, July Plans

Woo, made it through another month! 

June was tricky what with all the politicking, and work stuff too, but its not been a bad one here all in all! 

I managed to start the month off well by attending Icelolly's Blog at the Beach event - my first blogger event in about a million years! T'was a good one too, with lots of nice bloggers (sure I only talked to about four people because I'm dead awkward, but I really liked talking to those four people!) and some great tips on upping my blog game.

Not only that, but before the event I managed to sneak in a delicious blogger brunch at All Bar One in Leeds. It's always lovely to see Lizi and Caroline, plus I got to meet Victoria for the first time - all in relaxed surroundings with good food and fun breakfast drinks! 

We also managed a family afternoon out to The Donkey Sanctuary in Leeds. We sponsor a donkey there and the kids have wanted to go visit their 'uncle Ripple' for a long time (don't ask me how he got to be an 'uncle', I have no idea!) Completely by accident, our visit happened to coincide with the day of their Dog Show, so as well as seeing lots of lovely donkeys we got to see load of brilliant dogs too! 

 Afternoon Tea is one of my favourite things, but all too rare in my life these days. I was really excited though to stumble across Polly's Travelling Tea Party and her pop-up Harry Potter themed afternoon tea in nearby Huddersfield. Simone and I had a magical time geeking out and eating pumpkin pasties! 

Even rarer than afternoon tea is a night out, with alcohol - but an evening with Mason's Gin at The Gin Bar in my hometown was well worth leaving the house! 

Last weekend we all set off for an animal themed weekend away, where we visited Twycross Zoo and Stonehurst family farm. Posts and pictures aplenty yet to come! 

This month isn't shaping up to be as busy, certainly not this weekend anyway. It's so far been a weekend of tidying up the house and watching Harry Potter DVD's - both things that need doing from time to time! 

Then we so far only have one other thing planned for the month, but its a goodie! I remember just after Christmas last year I got an email from Warwick Castle telling me about the Medieaval Glamping on offer this year and I don't think I've ever been more excited by an idea ever! So, obviously, we got that booked and it's finally nearly come around - can't wait! 

How was your June? Any exciting plans coming up?


  1. You did lots of things in June.
    The Donkey Sanctuary in Leeds is on my list of places to visit for a long time. I always forget about it and I'm reminded when I'm on my way to Harrogate and I can't stop. :)
    I can't wait to read about the Medieval Glamping, sounds exciting.

  2. The final photo of the gorgeous parakeet from the zoo is stunning! Excited to more of your photos from that day, and it sounds as if you made the most of June. The donkeys are adorable! Also, Mediaeval Glamping?! That sounds amazing! Hope you have a brilliant time and can't wait to see your posts, if you do any, on it! - Tasha

  3. Aww a donkey sanctuary!! How cool is it that you guys sponsor a donkey!? Loving his name haha :)


  4. Look at how jam packed your June was! You're always up to fabulous things xx

  5. Wow, it seems like you did a lot in June! I have never been to a blogger event in all my 12 years of blogging- maybe I should!


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