Saturday, 2 September 2017

August Happenings, September Plans

Well I'll tell you what didn't happen in August - any blogging! 

I can't believe I've not got a single post up here since my last monthly round up. Definitely need to work on that in the coming weeks...! 

A nice big chunk of our August was taken up by our holiday - we had a cottage stay booked in Scotland for a week and we padded it out a little with stopovers on the way there and back (to break up the driving a bit and make the most of the time off!)

We had a lovely time in Scotland, where we visited Loch Ness, watched the Nairn Highland Games, and drunk tonnes of Irn Bru inbetween plenty of 'chilling on the beach' time. I will definitely be blogging about it eventually I promise! 

Earlier in the month we had a day out to the RHS Harlow Carr gardens. It's a nice place to wander round at the worst of times, but over the summer they've had a Famous Five promotion going on and my lil lady has been loving those books so seemed like the perfect timing for a visit. We even managed to grab an ice cream just before it started raining... 

I think 'doing something before it rains' has been the the theme of our summer actually! 

I actually don't have much planned for September at all either! What am I doing? I really need to get back on track. Today will be spend double checking the kiddos are all set to go back to school next week, so once I know that's all taken care of hopefully we can have a nice last-day-before-going-back trip out! 

It's little madam's birthday at the end of the month too, so will have to get something organised for that - I did have a couple of ideas but putting them into practice is proving more difficult than I'd hoped so will have to see how that pans out! 

Any suggestions of fun things I can fill my September with? What have you got planned? 


  1. You were so busy, that's fab. I checked your blog a couple of days ago to see if you posted something. :) Now I can't wait to see your posts about Scotland.
    I have lots of things planned this month, a short holiday (2-3 days), a blogging event + party the day before. Besides, I want to visit more local places, hopefully I have time to do that.

  2. Your Scottish castle by the water photo is wonderful!! Are there any maize mazes near you to do? I love those!!

  3. August's always a tricky month for blogging, isn't it? I'll look forward to reading about Scotland.

  4. A cottage in Scotland sounds so idyllic!
    You should definitely explore your local city if you're not travelling far this month, I'm sure there's a couple of places you've yet to tick off! ;)

  5. Don't worry about not blogging much in August, I have fallen completely behind as I needed to take a big break as I've been struggling so I am just now catching up with all of the posts in the Tomorrowland Thinkers group myself! I love the shots in this post as always, and the cottage in Scotland sounded idyllic, so I'm glad you had a lovely time. - Tasha


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