Wednesday 6 September 2017

Reasons to Choose All-Inclusive

Over the last few years I've been luck enough to enjoy European city breaks, UK Staycations and long-haul American adventures, and loved them all. For total family holiday relaxation though, all inclusive holidays are hard to beat!

Here's a few reasons why they work for us:

Budgeting - With an all-inclusive package, you know the total price from the outset for the flights, transfers, accommodation, food and drink for the duration of your holiday - essentially everything you need to enjoy some quality family time away together. Once you chose a deal that suits your budget, you can pay in instalments without having to worry about surprise costs of unexpected shifts in exchange rates.

Laziness - I've never had to cook on an all inclusive holiday. I've never had to wash up. I barely remember making my on cup of tea. The kids love an all-inclusive but I might be the one of us that benefits most from it!

Food - Our family of four consists of one vegan, two fusspots, and one kid with a bottomless stomach - and we've always managed to feed all of us with no problems at all-inclusive hotels. My son in particular always gets great value for money in any all-you-can-eat scenario!

Drink  - I'm not a big drinker really, especially when in charge of minors (as tends to be the case), but its not like soft drinks come in that much cheaper than booze, and in hotter climates where its important to stay hydrated it's nice to know you can drink away with no constraints.

Enforced relaxation - When I'm somewhere new, my instinct is to explore - discover the history of the place, hunt out fun places to eat,.. basically run around like crazy trying to fit as much into the time I have there as possible. The kids, however, barely like to leave the vicinity of the pool. The fully included food and drink makes it easier to justify staying in one place when my feet get itchy, and the enforced stillness actually does me the world of good!

With our most recent holiday behind us, I'm already thinking all inclusive deals at Holiday Gems  for our next year's trip - and the idea of somewhere sunny, with never-ending food, a pool to keep the kids happy, and the chance at true relaxation? Sounds pretty good to me!

*Sponsored, but I really do love holidays!


  1. Mmmm, I would love just to spend a holiday by a pool with books! My husband likes trekking! We do a lot of that!

    1. I like to mix it up a bit - I don't think there's a type of holiday I don't like! :D

  2. All inclusive are definitely great for fun family holidays - there are always lots of options and sometimes a holiday spent by the pool, just relaxing and having fun is just what you need. - Tasha

    1. I feel like I could do with another holiday already!


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