Tuesday 17 October 2017

Yorkshire Lavender

It feels a bit weird writing about my summer adventures with it being so grey outside, but I'm trying (not succeeding, but trying!) to get all caught up. I really should probably just skip a couple of months so I'm covering more recent events but I took way too many pictures for that, so to that end - here's Yorkshire Lavender

To be fair, it probably works out quite well as I'm sure this would have been lost in a sea of lavender  based posts a few months ago, and I get to bring a bit of sunshine back to these dull days!

I would usually save the inevitable café visit 'til the end of the trip but we'd skipped breakfast in a bid to get out and on our way early so by the time we arrived I was definitely ready for some tea and baked goodies. We settled in the adorable EJ's Tea Room for lavender flavoured treats. Much as I loved the sound of the Lavender Scones, I'd already seen the cake and there was no going back!

It didn't take long to demolish the massive Victoria Sponge slice, filled with blueberry and lavender jam, nor my pot of lavender tea, so it was soon time to head outside and explore!

The first thing you notice on entering the gardens is the beautiful smell of lavender in the air - absolutely beautiful! There are a few different sections to wander around, including a lavender maze... 

... a little garden centre where you can buy a variety of plants but mainly (obviously, I suppose) lots of different kinds of lavender... 

... and some sweet deer in a field at the bottom of the hill. They were shy but very lovely! 

There was also a little pond, a small play area,... 

... and a sightly odd collections of blue metal sculptures. The 'Spirit Of Yorkshire', for example, is these blue cut-out figures indulging in a game of cricket.

There were also blue pyramids and a random blue gate or two. I'm not sure I get it to be honest, but whatevs.

Still, we were there for the lavender and there was plenty of that! 

And bees! So many bees! Sorry if this is way too many bee pictures, but I love them and it made me so happy to see so many of them buzzing away!

If you head right into the middle of the lavender rows you could hear them so loudly too, I've never heard anything like it! Just be very careful where you step! 

 I was very tempted to treat myself to a lavender plant or two to take home but my senseible head was very aware of the fact that my garden needed a lot of work before I could plant anything else in there! Next year though hopefuul, I'd love to be able to re-create this pretty, fragrant bee-haven at home!

I did pick up some of that amazing blueberry and lavender jam from the gift shop though, so I can at least enjoy the cake-eating part while I wait for summer to roll back round again!


  1. Blueberry and lavander jam sounds fab. I like the look of that Victoria sponge slice. The farm looks lovely too, so colourful and peaceful.

  2. This looks really lovely and reminds me of my day at Cotswold Lavender, one of my favourite days out - so relaxing! :D

    1. I've seen photos of Cotswold Lavender and it looks beautiful! I'll definitely try to visit one day!

  3. These photos are stunning Kel, what a gorgeous place! I love the views of the lavender and the shots with the bumblebees are too cute. Beautiful as always! - Tasha

    1. They are cute, aren't they! I'm very fond of the fuzzy lil critters - and thank you! x


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