Friday, 2 February 2018

January Happenings, February Plans

So,... in January I went to Jamaica.

Poor old KC doesn't always get a lot of say in out holiday destinations but he's had his eye on Jamaica for a few years now. We've put it off a bunch of times for a bunch of different reasons, but then we ran out of reasons to not go.... so we went!

It's not that I didn't want to go, I just thought... a week on the beach in the sun? Is it really 'me'?

Turns out it absolutely is!

I'll do a full post on our stay soon, but honestly it was absolutely heavenly. The sunshine was a much-needed tonic to the frankly depressing weather we've had here of late, and the relaxation was just what I needed to recover from an intense Christmas period and the stresses of work. I didn't know how much I needed that holiday 'til I was there!

That did mean that the rest of the month was relatively quiet. Time at home was spent getting the house back in order after Christmas. A couple of cinema trips and a trampolining session helped break up the month a little, but mainly on the weekends we were too tired and too cold to muster up much enthusiasm for going out!

Hopefully I can re-find that enthusiasm in February - I don't want the year to disappear while I wait for it to warm up (which it easily could!) We have made a mental commitment to finally decorate the eldest's room, and there's a lot of shifting and organising that needs to be done in there before we can get the paint out, so I'm sure that'll keep up plenty busy throughout February!

I do have a trip to Riga planned later in the month - it's my first trip away by myself in a really long time and I'm really excited (and a little bit nervous!)

How was your January? What have you got planned for February? 
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