Sunday 8 April 2018

March Happenings, April Plans

Another month has gone by with very little from me in the way of blogging - I'm a bad 'un! 

March is always a tough one though because it's one of the busiest times at work - not that I need an excuse for being slack! I keep thinking 'oh I'm just gonna knock the blog on the head, I don't have time for it'... but then I wouldn't have an excuse to buy the new camera I've been eyeing up so I better stick with it for a while! 

So, March. March I've been mainly up to my eyeballs in receipts and VAT and other boring work things, but I did manage a couple of nice breaks from that! 

The biggest and best thing in March was our nights stay at Crab Manor's gorgeous Bardola Lodge. Designed to look and feel like a Norwegian Ski Cabin, this cosy little lodge is in North Yorkshire. We were there for a wedding and I was more than happy to take the excuse to stay over at this stunning place. We even had out own hot tub! It was almost a shame to leave the lovely lodge and go to the wedding! 

A couple of other March plans went astray because of the snow (in March? Seriously?!), but hopefully that's all behind us now! I was worried that my brunch date with Lizi and Caroline would be snowed off, but thankfully we managed to defy the weather and indulge in some pretty awesome breakfast foods. 

April sees a long-awaited trip away with the family. Between them, the kids covered both volcanoes and Romans in school last year and they inspired me to book us a visit to Pompeii - for educational purposes of course! 

I'm also looking forward to getting out and about locally a bit more, now that the worst of the weather should finally be behind us! Also I'm really hoping to actually getting some blog posts written - I'm building up quite the backlog that I need to clear! 

How was your March? Anything fun coming up in April?


  1. What a gorgeous cabin!! Great and exciting plans for April. I have always wanted to visit Pompeii!

  2. The cabin is amazing. You've had a great idea to book it when you went to the wedding. I imagine is so much nicer than going to a hotel.
    Pompeii, that must be so exciting. I can't wait to see your pictures when you'll blog about it. Have fun!

  3. Ooooh, it sounds great!!! I love the sound of it! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND a hot tub!


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