Sunday 27 January 2019

Catching Up

Woah, it's been a while! 

Honestly, I didn't expect to be back here after my extended hiatus but I accidentally let the domain auto-renew so here I am! 

It's quite nice to be back though.... I've really enjoyed a bit of quiet offline time, but blogging always helped me really appreciate and focus on the great things I've got to do throughout the year. 

So, what did I get up to through 2018? (Since it's been more or less that long, eek!) 


At one point, too long ago to remember now, little missy was learning about volcanoes in school. She as simultaneously learning about the Romans. I love me an excuse for an 'educational' excursion so booked us all a quick trip to the intriguing buried city of Pompeii. 

Over a couple of days we explored the once-lost ruins, climbed to the top of the deadly Mount Vesuvius, discovered the archaeologically fascinating Herculaneum, and ate some insanely good pizza. 


We've had a summer holiday in Scotland for the last few years, and we love it. This year we rented a cottage in the grounds of a castle in South Ayrshire. It was  new area to us and we spent a wonderful week exploring the castles, museums and beaches of the region. 


I actually visited Amsterdam twice in 2018, how spoilt am I? I spent a lovely cultural couple of days there in the summer with a couple of my fave ladies, and a flying visit in November with KC as part of one of the P&O Ferries mini-cruises. I was sure to make sure delicious pancakes featured heavily in both trips! 

Disneyland Paris

I can't quite remember if my brother invited us to join him and his kids on a trip to Disneyland Paris, or if I invited myself. Either way, the seven of us had a magical time filled with exciting rides, lovable characters, and a LOT of walking! Having my five year old niece with us gave me me the perfect excuse to get out of any of the scary rides! 

That's covered all the biggies, but we had a lovely selection of local days out too. I'm hoping to fill 2019 with some equally exciting plans and hopefully the blog can be an incentive to get out and about plenty (as so far the weekends have been a bit 'ooh its too cold to go out', and I need to stop finding excuses to be lazy!)

If I get organised, the above will give me plenty of new-post fodder - if you want me to start anywhere in particular please let me know! 


  1. I'm visiting Pompeii this year - always found it fascinating!
    Happy new year too!

  2. I'm happy you are back! Please start with Pompeii if you want to. I'm looking forward to seeing all your posts. xx

  3. I'm glad you're back! I'd love some details about that Scottish cottage if you were able- sounds like my type of thing! I can't wait to hear more about Pompeii- did you see anyone from Pyrovillia!??x

  4. You have been busy!

    So glad to see you back :)

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