Thursday 3 August 2017

July Happenings, August Plans

Happy August! We are definitely working our way through Summer, though you wouldn't necessarily know it to look outside!

Still despite the iffy weather, we've had a couple of really nice days out in July!

We headed up to Yorkshire Lavender recently for a frolic in the flowers - such a lovely place to visit! The Yorkshire countryside is just beautiful anyway, but add seas of purple, the scent of lavender in the air, and a tea room selling big, fat slices of cake and you are definitely onto a winner! I've never seen so many fat fluffy buzzy bees either, and they always make me happy!

Undoubtedly my favourite weekend in July was out Mediaeval adventure to Warwick Castle! We camped out in their 'Knight's Village' and it might just have been the coolest (while simultaneously the uncoolest and most nerdy) thing we've ever done!

Last weekend we called into the Great British Food Festival at Castle Howard and I spent a small fortune on cheese. I've been meaning to visit Castle Howard for years and still don't really count this occasion as having done so was I was overly distracted by chilli sauces and artisan brownies, but we did have a lovely potter round the beautiful rose gardens while we were there and hope to get back for a full explore soon!

I'd booked a day off in the first week of the summer holidays to hang out with the youngsters mid week (my mum is taking up the bulk of the weekdays, bless her!) and had great hopes of outdoor sunny adventures, but there was just so. much. rain. We decided to switch to plan B, which meant pancakes and trampolining! We booked in for an hour and it took me about seven minutes to be totally exhausted and sweaty and gross....

The first day of August is one of the most important occasions in the calendar - it's Yorkshire Day!

I managed to sneak out of work early to head off for some Yorkshire Day festivities - this year we decided that Wentbridge House would be our celebration venue and the afternoon was full of birds of prey, sugary waffles, flat-cap flinging and these awesome curly sheep. And the inevitable rain of course, but I guess it would be hard to really celebrate Yorkshire without it!

The big thing we've got coming up in August is our eagerly awaited family holiday to Scotland. I honestly can't wait - a week of chilling out and drinking Irn Bru and not being around people sounds like absolute heaven!

Also, I meant to chuck it in one of my Dublin posts (but forgot 'cos I'm useless), but I have a giveaway, woo! It's just a little one, but I needed a good excuse to buy Guinness Chocolate and this was it!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

It would obviously be awesome if you gave me lots of follows and compliments etc but all I really need is an address so I can contact the winner!

What have you got planned in for August? Are you holding out hope for sunshine still, or will you welcome Autumn with open arms?
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