Thursday 3 May 2018

The London Problem

KC started a new job recently which has led to him, on occasion, travelling to London. He hates London with the passion of a proud Yorkshireman, and returned from his first work-based jaunt to the capital and declared 'I am never, ever, going to that city again unless I have to for work'.

And I get where he's coming from, I really do. I have no deep love for London, and I certainly wouldn't want to travel there on a regular basis. The thing is, and I feel weird just saying this, but for a few reasons I can't quite bring myself to hate it either. And while I'd rather cut off my on toes that than actually live there, I don't hate the idea of visiting occasionally.

In the aim of providing a fair, balanced view as to why we shouldn't entirely dismiss any future trips, I thought I'd present him with some of my London pros and cons..

Con - It's Expensive. I know this is a really obvious complaint, especially coming from a Northerner, but my gosh it's true! Three nights in the city's cheapest Travelodge would have set me back more than my monthly mortgage payment, and I don't even want to think about how much I was paying per pint! 

Pro - The Food. I love my home town, but it's not exactly known for its culinary delights. I nearly drowned in a sea of possibilities just looking at London Afternoon Teas alone, and even KC was impressed by how easy it was to find tasty vegan food. Sure beats our local eating-out options of 'the Nando's at the top of town' Vs 'the Nando's at the bottom of town'.

Con - London Underground. It's not that I'm not impressed by a the fast and efficient service provided, but its just so.... so hot and dirty and airless. Going underground genuinely feels like you are getting closer to hell. It's great you can get to so many places so easily but the act of just getting around makes me feel so dirty and gross that I feel I shouldn't be out in public!

Pro - There's SO MUCH TO DO. There are so many museums, galleries and theatres I barely knew how to begin narrowing down everything I wanted to do on our last trip. A quick search for the best things to do on a trip to London really does provide some enticing ideas, and using sites like Groupon can help with my first big issue by helping cut down on the cost. I do like that a lot of the big museums are free too.

Con - I can't drive there. I mean, I know I technically could, but I definitely wouldn't - the very idea of it stresses me out, and that's without even thinking of the parking costs. But the necessity of booking train tickets adds to the expense and levels of organisation needed to consider a trip, where I could just jump in my car and drive to pretty much anywhere else in the country. 

Pro - I can't drive there. Yes, I know I just said this. But there is also joy in not being the one responsible for getting us from A to B. I love that on the train I get to relax for a couple of hours with a cup of tea and a book - something I definitely can't do while driving!

I don't know if I've done more here to convince KC we should go to London again, or convince me that we shouldn't so I think the jury is still out on this one! Is there anything in particular you love about London that could convince us either way? Or any reason we should avoid the big bad city like the plague? 

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  1. I love travelling to London. I like the underground, but I used to live in a city with underground and it's something I miss here in the north. Also, driving is stressful, but we prefer to drive rather than taking the public transport. (my husband is the one driving, so is less annoying for me).
    It's expensive though, I have to agree with you on that. :)

  2. I love London, but just for short visits! :)

  3. I could never live in London, even though I prefer city life to countryside but London is too busy. I love going for visits though as you never end up doing the same thing as last. So many gorgeous buildings, all the fun pubs and delicious, culinary food. Yes the subway is hot and crowded but good use of transport :) x

  4. I've lived within a short train journey of London all my life and I went to University there twice and worked there for 2 years. I like it very much. As a musician, it is a great place for multiple playing opportunities of an exceptionally high standard- where else could I get to play in an amateur orchestra which is led by a conductor who conducts at the Covent Garden Royal Opera House for the Royal Ballet!
    The traffic and smell and pollution IS rubbish and lots of people are rude, selfish and impatient but also there is a brilliant diversity!

  5. Aww I love visiting London, but then I grew up very close to the city, so we used to get the train into London on Saturdays a lot. My favourite areas of the city are Notting Hill, Greenwich and Shoreditch. Have you ever visited these places? :)

    Kat Last

  6. I'm no fan of the underground either - I'd rather walk if I've the time. It is such a great city though, I'm still finding new places I really like and I'm there every week.

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  9. I think London is a good town to live in or to visit once. I don`t think it is suitable for traveling there on a regular basis.


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