Friday 21 April 2017

Iceland - Whales of Iceland Exhibit

The trip we booked to Iceland came with tickets to a 'Whales of Iceland' exhibit.

It wasn't initially something I was desperate to go out of my way to do, but since we were going on a whale watching boat trip in the afternoon from just around the corner, it made sense to pop along here beforehand to learn about some of the creatures we hoped to see!

The exhibit is basically a massive hall filled with lifesize models of the 23 different kind of whales and dolphins that can be found in the waters around Iceland. There is a free audio guide you can download, but KC's rejection of modern phones meant that it'd have been one between us so we decided to forgo the actual information and just run round looking at models!

And, to be fair, this was plenty fun! The models were amazing! As I' not particularly likely to come across, say, a blue whale in the wild, its can be quite hard to really imagine the scale of the magnificent creatures! The whales of Iceland exhibition really did help put these into perspective!


Even without the audio guide, there was plenty of information available about the different whales, so there was plenty to learn and discover - but it was just a really interesting place to visit and look around.

As an extra bonus, entry came with free tea and coffee. As I'm never one to turn down a cup of tea, I obviously made sure we had time to squeeze in a cup (served in the main exhibition hall so you can sip your brew while surrounded by massive whales). And since I wasn't paying for the tea, I thought it only fair that I buy a sweet treat to go with it - the salted caramel tart was delicious!

Like many of Iceland's attractions, it's not the cheapest - single tickets come in a little over £20 each, but if you can get it as part of a package like we did then it's definitely worth a visit!


  1. The exhibit sounds interesting, although it's a bit pricey at £20. I would like to see the museum, seeing the models is very different than reading some facts about whales. I imagine it's the only way to fully grasp how magnificent these creatures are.

    1. Aye it is a little much, but Iceland is a pretty expensive country all round!
      I tried to make my money back on as much free tea as possible! :D

  2. This sounds and looks really interesting! Of course, I love animals and nature, so I'd enjoy this, and seeing all of the models is cool and a nice break - I think this comes from my joy of visiting the museum as a kid, haha! Love the last photo, can't beat a good pun! - Tasha

    1. I always loved museums when I was a kid - still do! This one was really nice, and a lot warmer and drier than trying to see the wales and dolphins on the boat trip! :D


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